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About Knowledge Transfer

We define knowledge transfer as the means by which expertise, knowledge, skills and capabilities are transferred from the knowledge-base (for example, a university or college, a research centre or a research technology organisation) to those in need of that knowledge (for example a company, social enterprise or not-for-profit organisation).

Hence, knowledge transfer involves the interface between universities and business, and involves the commercialisation of skills and expertise possessed by higher education.

EXamples of knowledge transfer mechanisms and paradigms include, but are not limited to:-

KES supports the dissemination of research results, good practice, case studies and other outcomes worthy of publication through the Innovation through Knowledge Transfer conference series.

International Conferences on
Innovation through Knowledge Transfer

KES partners the Institute of Knowledge Transfer (IKT) and various host universities to offer a series of conferences in Innovation through Knowledge Transfer.

For information on the latest conference see the InnovationKT web site here -


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