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For over a decade the mission of KES International has been to provide a professional community, networking research and publication opportunities for all those who work in knowledge-intensive subjects. At KES we are passionate about the dissemination, transfer, sharing and brokerage of knowledge. The KES community consists of several thousand experts, scientists, academics, engineers students and practitioners who participate in KES activities.

KES brings people together to make ... Knowledge Connections.

Professional Networking

For nearly 20 years KES has run international conferences in different countries of the world on leading edge topics -

Intelligent Systems -- Intelligent Decision Technologies -- Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services -- Agent and Multi Agent Systems -- Smart Technology based Education and Training
Sustainable Technology -- Sustainability in Energy and Buildings, Smart Energy -- Sustainable Design and Manufacturing.
Innovation, Knowledge Transfer, Enterprise -- Innovation and Knowledge Transfer
Medical Technologies -- Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare
Digital Media -- Archiving Tomorrow -- Innovation in Music

Some of the countries - Australia, Chile, Croatia, England, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, New Zealand, United States, Vietnam, Wales


KES edits a range of journals and serials on knowledge intensive subjects -

-- International Journal of Knowledge Based and Intelligent Engineering Systems
-- Intelligent Decision Technologies: an International Journal
-- InImpact: the Journal of Innovation Impact
-- Sustainability in Energy and Buildings: Research Advances
-- Advances in Smart Systems Research

Transactions -- THE KES Open Access Library

KES Transactions is a book series containing the results of applied and theoretical research on a range of leading-edge topics. The series accepts conference proceedings, edited books and research monographs. Papers contained in KES Transactions may also appear in the KES Open Access Library (KOALA), our own online gold standard open access publishing platform.

Research Collaborations

The KES membership includes some of the best researchers at top universities around the world. Hence, KES is in an excellent position to form strong teams to work on collaborative research projects on leading edge topics.

Through the KES Institute of Knowledge Transfer members work together on research collaborations.

Dissemination of Research Results

It is essential for research groups to communicate the outcomes of their research to those that can make use of them. To obtain funding it is usually necessary to commit to dissemination activities during the project. But often academics do not want to undertake conference organisation. KES has specialist knowledge of how to run a conference to disseminate research results. Or a research project workshop can be run alongside one of our existing conferences to increase dissemination to an even wider audience.

Training and Short Courses

KES can provide live and online training courses on all the topics in its portfolio. KES has good relationships with leading universities and academics around the world, and can harness these to provide excellent personal development and training courses.

The KES-IKT Knowledge Alliance

KES works in partnership with the Institute of Knowledge Transfer (IKT), the sole accredited body dedicated to supporting and promoting the knowledge professional: those individuals involved in innovation, enterprise, and the transfer, sharing and exchange of knowledge. The IKT accredits the quality of innovation and knowledge transfer processes, practices activities, and training providers, and the professional status of its members.

About KES

Formed in 2001, KES is an independent worldwide association involving about 5000 professionals, engineers, academics, students and managers, operated on a not-for-profit basis, from a base in the UK. A number of universities around the world contribute to its organisation, operation and academic activities. KES International Operations Ltd is a company limited by guarantee that services the KES International organisation.

KES International

News Items
Smart Digital Futures (SDF-23)
14 - 16 June 2023
Barcelo Aran Mantegna Hotel, Rome, Italy and KES Virtual Conference Centre

International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems (KES-23)
6 - 8 September 2023
Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens, Greece and KES Virtual Conference Centre

Smart Sustainable Technologies (SST-23)
18 - 20 September 2023
Bari, Italy and KES Virtual Conference Centre
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