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KES International is organises two important conferences in the digital media area.

Archiving Tomorrow

Archiving Tomorrow is a new international conference covering aspects of media archiving and restoration.

Supported by leading figures in the film, media and broadcast communities, Archiving Tomorrow is the premiere annual event for archivists, film makers, creatives, academics, manufacturers and all those wishing to find out about this exciting area.

See the calendar on the left for the date of the next conference in the Archiving Tomorrow series.

Innovation in Music

Innovation in Music (InMusic) is a new European music industry conference bringing together researchers and professionals alike interested in the future of the music industry from the artist through to the consumer.

InMusic welcomes academics, artists, producers, engineers, music industry professionals, manufacturers and all those interested in the fast-moving changes in the music industry. The conference provides a welcome opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments, and for those who wish to write a paper, the chance to achieve a publication in an open access journal.

See the calendar on the left for the date of the next conference in the InMusic series.

KES International

News Items
Covid-19 Challenge
29 March 2021
KES Virtual Conference Centre

Smart Digital Futures SDF-21
14 - 16 June 2021
KES Virtual Conference Centre

8-10 September 2021
Radisson Blu, Szczecin, Poland

Sustainability in Energy and Buildings SEB-21
15 - 17 September 2021

Sustainable Design and Manufacturing SDM-21
15 - 17 September 2021

both being held at Hotel President, Split, Croatia
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